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Uh huh, why do I feel that you are hiding something from us. Milley asked Shelby. I waved at the few mages I knew and stopped at a low table. Quickly I shut my eyes, feigning sleep, buying myself time while I gathered my thoughts. Yes, you can. We moved openly through the domes and stopped at the banks of large elevators that went all the way up to the surface. For the past three years she'd brought her teenaged daughter, Sharon, along so she could enjoy a variety of cocks herself.

For a few minutes she filled the room with her throat moans, her fingers still flicking the hard tips of her nipples.

There was that faint smile again. They invited me to come by and spend time with them whenever I got the chance, so quite often I ended up spending the weekend there. Lot of fun, makes me feel younger. At the same time, my hands were equally busy; fondling her breasts and exploring her hairless mound and incredibly soft genital lips.

Ron cuts her off before she can finish. That was the shortest hand job Ive ever given. Almost an hour later Derrick was standing in a now somewhat converted and crowded throne room. Maggie's brain was spinning while she tried to figure out exactly what was going on, but her thoughts were interupted when Flo Evans continued on, Now I could use this tape for my personal use, or I could sell it, which would you prefer.

Sell it to who, Maggie asked slowly. Ive got some contacts in the porno business who tell me that we can get thousands for a tape like this one, Flo replied, they specialize in amateur stuff mostly, but this female prison stuff could really be a gold mind. Maggie sat there for a few moments collecting her thought before asking, And how much would the actresses get. Two hundred a piece per video, Flo Evan answered quickly, we can do the stuff in the shower and around the rest of the prison if we like.

Why not just make the videos and sell them without telling us, Maggie asked. Because if anyone ever found out, I want your signature on a piece of paper saying that you were a willing participant, Flo replied, and I won't lie to you, I'm gonna make a whole lot more than you do on the deal if everything works out, so it's better for all concerned if I put my cards on the table. Maggie thought it over for a minute or two, and then offered, Okay, ya got a deal, but there are two conditions, number one, you don't make us do anyone we don't wanna do, and number two, I wanna get a good hard fuck by a real man and for Jada too.

A broad smile broke out over Captain Evans face and she replied, You got yourself a deal, and you are about to become a fucking movie star, in more ways than one. She closed her hand around his cock and in a circular motion started to massage and squeeze his erection.

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